There's so much to like about Downtown Waukesha. Discover our 40+ retail shops, we also offer 40 restaurants, bars or foodie destinations!   You can always find live music on Fridays and Saturdays!   There are also numerous activities, learning opportunities and attractions downtown Waukesha.   Check out one or all of our outstanding galleries. So come on down to shop, dine and discover Downtown Waukesha today!     



Located no more than two turns from the expressway!

 Downtown Waukesha

Shop, Dine, Discover

Buy Local!
Approximately 45 percent of money spent at a local business stays in the community compared to only 14 percent of dollars
spent at a big-box store.

Afraid of our one way streets?   Don't be they've been gone for over 10 years!  


Afraid you won't find any parking?  Don't be, we have over 1800 parking spots downtown!

Highlighted Business


Why Waukesha?

Downtown Waukesha is rich in history and packed with contemporary flavor. Whatever your interests, tastes or ideas of fun, you’re bound to find it in Downtown Waukesha. From truly historical buildings and merchandise to a variety of food and entertainment to diverse shops and galleries, Downtown Waukesha is an exciting urban destination to live, work, shop, eat and play!


Little Swiss Clock Shop


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